Integration Assets

Price Breakdown

The price breakdown is an easy and effective way to let your customers know how much they pay weekly for a product when they pay with Laybuy.

The price breakdown is supported by a pop-up, that customers can click to learn more about how Laybuy works.

The pop-up includes important information that should be available to consumers who are considering using Laybuy.

To help you display the price breakdown and pop-up, we have partnered with major eCommerce platforms to integrate an approved price breakdown template and pop-up onto your website. 

These integrations make it easy for you to display our price breakdown template on your product page, in a customer cart and at checkout.

There are two options available - one colour option and one black and white option.

Primary option

Secondary option

The Learn more link must connect to the following pop-up:

The pop-up contains factual information about Laybuy. For that reason, it is important you don’t undertake any activity that disables or amends the How it Works pop-up in any way.

eCommerce platform integrations

We are currently in the process of rolling our updated price breakdown through the following eCommerce platforms:

  • Shopify (Laybuy Banners approved app) 

  • WIX

  • BigCommerce

  • EKM

  • Salesforce

  • WooCommerce

  • Opencart

  • Prestashop

  • Ecwid

  • Magento (1&2)

  • ShopWired

Our new price breakdown reflects our refreshed logo and we anticipate the update will be rolled out across all platforms before the end of July.

Creating your own price breakdown

We strongly encourage merchants to use a Laybuy price breakdown integration available through one of our preferred eCommerce partners. This will allow us to manage any changes that might be required in the future on your behalf.

If you do wish to implement a customised a price breakdown, the preferred wording option is:

- 6 weekly interest-free payments of [price]

A customised price breakdown must include the Laybuy logo and should include a link to the How it Works pop-up whenever it is displayed. The pop-up is available here